Monday, January 19, 2009

Impossible? Not in America

There is a lot of stuff in the media right now about how historic Barack Obama's election is and the lead-up to election day has been like nothing we've ever seen. Let me be clear, it is historic, and I realize there are some people who genuinely believed a black man (or woman) would never be President. However, I may be naive, but I can't believe all these "masses" really believed that.

I'm not suprised that a black man was elected President because that never seemed impossible to me. I've always believed that America is a place where if you work hard you can achieve anything. That's why I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who sit on their butts and don't try to improve their lives. Obama is a very smart guy, he's personable, and he's great at persuasion. Of course, he could be elected President. His election is significant, but placing too much emphasis on his race serves only to perpetuate division. I think it says more about someone's feelings on racism if they were "shocked" that a black man was elected President. Can't anyone be President? Our response as American's should be "of course - this is America - anything is possible."


Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I live in MS, and I have asked many black friends "Why?' when they say they thought they would never see the day. I say to them that anything is possible but you have to work for it if you want it, if you want a better life - that can't be given to you, you have to work for it!

If Obama is a beacon of light - then so be it...but he worked for it...he grew up on welfare and knew the only way out was through education...and that is what he did. No one else, certainly not the Government, could do that for him; they couldn't make him study or go to class - he did it for himself.

And so can you!

Palin-Berry 2012 said...

Hey, get back to your blogging. You're too good to fade away now that the election is over.

Have a great day!

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