Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guess who's coming to Georgia?

It's official. Sarah Palin is coming to town to campaign for Saxby Chambliss. We've had Clinton, Gore, McCain, and Huckabee. Now Palin is coming. AJC.com reports that she will have stops in Augusta, Savannah, Perry, and Atlanta on Monday, December 1. The big question now is whether Mr. President-Elect will make time for a stop in Georgia before Tuesday. I'm guessing it is a real possibility. Here's why:

My doorbell rang Sunday afternoon. My husband answered and was asked by two very nice ladies whether he planned to vote for Jim Martin on Tuesday. He politely told them no, he would like a bit more balance in government and since the Democrats have the House and the Presidency, he didn't want them to have the Senate too. They were very polite and went on their way leaving a bit of campaign literature behind. I share this with you for one reason. I've gotten 6 robo-calls asking me to come vote for Saxby, but not one personal phone call and I certainly haven't seen anyone going door to door for him just yet. Now, no one needs to convince me who to vote for, but the Democrats are taking this pretty seriously, which means the rest of us need to as well. The Senate count is up to 58, Minnesota is still counting and it is CLOSE, which leaves Georgia. Need I say more?

Don't forget to vote December 2!


Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Found you through SGP's twitter account, then the SGP blogroll.

I'm in Georgia too - north Metro area. There are 10 field offices throughout the state making calls for Saxby. If you are not connected to one of those feel free to email (jennybeth at mindspring dot com) your location and I will get info on the closest one to you.

Welcome to blogging. I am sure you will enjoy the writing side as much as reading blogs. My blog is Jen's Genuine Life (http:jenuinejen.com). I'll be sure to check back here often.

Anonymous said...

I got a reader to my blog from yours. So thanks a million. And it is pretty scary how close it is to the Democrats having an unstoppable majority. Our country will suffer greatly should that happen. I will come back and read more of your blog. You are doing a great job.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I gave the wrong address for A Black Conservative Digest or ABCD-that should be easy to remember. LOL. In any case this is the actual address:


Peach Girl said...

Thanks Jen & Dena for the links & comments. I'm just getting warmed up!

Linz said...

I actually got a Saxby guy last night! He came by and gave me a postcard-type sheet with info on Saxby, and asked if he could count on my vote. And, then, my dog proceeded to chase him out the door, down the drive way, and down the street to his van that was picking him up. At least he got his exercise in for the day. And, at least he got a vote for Saxby (although, I wouldn't vote for Martin if he was the only one running!).

Peach Girl said...

Linz: Well, I'm glad to hear that some people are getting out there. My main concern is voter turnout. Too funny about your dog. Mine makes a big racket, but has zero follow through!

gottogripe said...

More feedback...I live in north Metro Atlanta (Fulton County) as well and received NO robocalls for either candidate and lots of mail that was Pro-Saxby. Of course, I voted early and could have done with out any of it! I actually got no calls or visits from canvassers for either presidential candidate during the presidential campaign either. I was kind of hurt and somewhat upset that the parties either took me for granted (as a Republican) or didn't want to fight for my vote (Democrat). I know campaign resources are limited but I'd like to see parties "touch" everyone in future races. Otherwise, everyone's vies are shaped by the MSM or whatever other news source(s) they follow.